Monday, November 23, 2015

Online Extravaganza with Stampin' Up! {12 Weeks of Christmas}

Hooray!  It's here!  Click {HERE} to get the list of specials...  Click {HERE TO SHOP}!  There are two 24-hour Flash Sales (November 23 and November 30). The trick is (and you know how I love this), there is a limited amount of discounted product.  Order early if something's been on your Wish List...  Check back to see if items are no longer available (I assume the red-lined items are out-of-stock).

And now for the apology part of today's post.  I'd intended to post a weekly 12 Weeks of Christmas post (the projects, in large part, are done). The trick is, we had an unexpected illness at our house that meant a hospital stay, etc. The good news is that she's on the mend and I'll work to catch up and post what I can.  The bad news is that it won't be as planned out and regular as I'd hoped.  Our little patient is working hard to recover, but it'll be January before things are somewhat back-to-normal here, so I'll post what and when I can. I'm grateful that my Stampin' Up! business can still work in the background while I am busy with my family.

If you've ordered recently and haven't heard from me, I apologize.  I will be touching base with you soon!

Thanks for your patience and get shopping! There are some great bargains to be had!

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