Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome, Friends!

Hello, there and welcome to my studio! While I await the completion of my brick-and-mortar "studio," I thought I'd create a place online where we can learn techniques together and share our creations. Basically, I'd like to create a place to do online some of the things I hope we can do together once we meet in the studio.

I envision the studio a place to hold classes centered around specific techniques, occasions, needs (like thank-you notes), etc. In the past, I've held events for Christmas creations (cards, gift packaging and the gifts themselves) in addition to hosting fundraisers (for breast cancer research), as well as to create notes for breast cancer patients to use for people who are helping them with rides, meals, support, etc. I've been amazed to see how these in-person activities can be carried out online, as well.

I'm new to the online realm available to a stamper and demonstrator like me. I'm comfortable posting my work and sharing things online, but I'm learning about what types of classes interest people and what types of events would work well online. As you peruse the Internet, please forward ideas of things that you've seen (or taken part in) that you'd like to see me recreate here.

So where am I in the renovation of the studio? Well, we've got some painting done and I've done some packing (to make room to do more painting). One thing that would greatly facilitate completing the packing (and later, the painting) process would be to cull some of the myriad stamp sets that I own. In my next post, you'll find the sets that after much deliberation, I've discovered that I can sell. My plan is to offer them here first, to you, before posting them online to a wider audience. I'll keep them open and on-sale here until March 15, at which point I'll sell them elsewhere.

Once the rest of the downstairs is packed, we'll finish the painting and then move absolutely everything out so that the entire area can be floored (we'll wait for some nice weather to accomplish the moving and flooring part). As it is now, the floor is just the slab-on-grade cement and it gets ice cold at night. Eventually, we'll have cozy carpeting, a wood stove, an office for my husband and cabinets in my studio.

So before I sign off, I just wanted to thank you for checking out this new blog and ask (beg, really) that you forward on to me your wishes and ideas for how to make this a really useful and fun place to visit. Eventually, I look forward to welcoming you into my home and my brick-and-mortar studio. Until then, we can meet here...

I'm havin' a garage sale! Part 1

Sets for sale! Here's the listing of sets I'm selling and their prices.

The pictures are not of my sets; some of mine are mounted, some are new, some are used and some are unmounted. I just provided the picture here to give you a quick sense of what the stamps look like. If you're interested in a particular set, I'll send you a picture of it (I'm just trying to be quick about getting my sets online). We can figure out how best to ship these sets to you, too. I would like to rely on Priority Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, so buying more than one set will make the shipping more cost-effective.

Borders Mini

Itty Bitty Borders

In the Sky


Brushstroke Hummingbird


Year-Round Cheer


Bitty Bolds


Burst into Bloom


Fanciful Flowers


Favorite Greetings


The Fine Print


Fun Filled


Definitely Decorative Hydrangea


Paint Prints


Pocket Full of Posies


Tag Alongs