Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm havin' a garage sale! Part 1

Sets for sale! Here's the listing of sets I'm selling and their prices.

The pictures are not of my sets; some of mine are mounted, some are new, some are used and some are unmounted. I just provided the picture here to give you a quick sense of what the stamps look like. If you're interested in a particular set, I'll send you a picture of it (I'm just trying to be quick about getting my sets online). We can figure out how best to ship these sets to you, too. I would like to rely on Priority Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, so buying more than one set will make the shipping more cost-effective.

Borders Mini

Itty Bitty Borders

In the Sky


Brushstroke Hummingbird


Year-Round Cheer


Bitty Bolds


Burst into Bloom


Fanciful Flowers


Favorite Greetings


The Fine Print


Fun Filled


Definitely Decorative Hydrangea


Paint Prints


Pocket Full of Posies


Tag Alongs


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