Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's about to Begin -- 2015 12 Weeks of Christmas!

So I am definitely among the people who find it highly irritating when Christmas music is playing before we've settled on our Halloween costumes around here.  At my local grocery store, Halloween decorations and costumes hit the shelves at the same time as an entire aisle of twinkly lights! ACH!

I do love a good countdown and I love to plan and think about how we will celebrate the Christmas season.  Let me say that while I will be focusing on Christmas, as that is what my family celebrates, a lot of the ideas shared here over the next 12 weeks applies to any of the winter holidays.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, please don't feel left out here!

This is just fair warning that my plan is to publish my 12 Weeks of Christmas posts on Fridays. If you're like me, work weeks are busy with work and school obligations and weekends are when I can steal away to the Studio. I thought I'd stick with a designated day this year so that you can know when to look for it.

For this year's 12 Weeks of Christmas, I've got cards, gifts, decorations, packaging for gifts, etc.  There will be videos and I'm even going to try Periscope for a couple of Friday posts! 

Stampin' Up! usually gives us a couple of good promotions this time of the year and there's a good one on now...  I'll post a picture here and tell you all about it tomorrow...  Hope your week ends well!

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