Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Favorite Week of the Year {12 Weeks of Christmas}

I hope your Christmas was lovely and that this holiday season has been everything you'd hoped it would be.

I love how quiet this week is, after the fervor of my (always!) last-minute preparations.  I still have cards to send out (despite my well-intentioned Mise en Place posts)! I read somewhere that in the throes of a busy season of preparing for the holidays, to only hold on to what {really} matters to your enjoyment of the holidays. Caught in a time crunch this year (it's not like Easter and the date moves around), I had to let some things slide until after Christmas.

One of those things was posting.  I'm not too worried about it, though, as I've got lots of lovely things to share and you can pin them for next year or better, spend some quiet time making and tucking away things to be ahead of the game in '15!

Here's how it looks around here on this gorgeous, quiet morning:

The rain has abated a bit and the birds are chirping.  An Anna's Hummingbird just came to the feeder (I love living in the PNW)!

Our mantle:

Our tree, in a rare moment when the cats aren't in it (!)...

A mix of greens (blown down in a recent windstorm and rescued from the backyard), Christmasy potpourri and some glass balls (since nothing went in the tree this year, thanks to the cats):

Thanks for your patronage this year, Studio Visitors! I'll be starting 2015 with a major purge and re-working of my Studio, so stay tuned for lots of Mise en Place posts!

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