Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{12 Weeks of Christmas}: Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Happy 2014!  I've spent the last two weeks putting into motion some of the organizing madness I've been fantasizing about lately.  Before I get into that, however, I'd like to wrap up a few things from 2013.

First, thanks for another year of support.  I love stamping and I can't believe that I'm making money doing it and getting to feed another love (writing) with this hobby.  What a blessing to have this opportunity cross my path 12 (!) years ago.

Second, I was a victim of the missing week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so certain things on my list never happened (read: a few 12 Weeks of Christmas posts).  It's not like Easter, when the date shifts around, so I'm not sure why Christmas snuck up on me.

When I was teaching fifth grade full-time, one of the things I made a practice of doing was reflecting on a unit of study when it was concluded and make notes/preparations for next time.  I've carried that practice into my home life and it's been very helpful.  I am a list-maker, so I always go back to my packing list for camping, vacations or planning list for parties or big holidays to see what was forgotten, unnecessary, brilliant, etc.

One such reflection was that I can't wait until "the Christmas Spirit" strikes to start my Christmas cards.  I have about 150 to make and send and I was woefully late this year (at least they were received before 2014).  I need to start planning and working on them sooner.  {Another reflection is to have "cream cheese" tattooed to my forehead, as I keep forgetting it for the frosting for our Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls.  Ugh.  I forgot it on Thanksgiving, too.}

S peaking of Christmas cards, I don't address my envies by hand; I print up labels.  To make my Christmas card list, I simply run this label document on regular paper.  I attach a Zip-Loc baggie to the back and keep it handy throughout the season to toss in any new addresses that come my way on cards sent to us (I rip off the sender's return address label, which is faster for me than writing it down).  At the end of the season, I go back to my computer and make necessary changes.  If I'm feeing jiggy, I might even go ahead and print up a new set of labels in January and stow them in my Christmas Planning Journal for next year.

If you're a list-maker like me and/or if you have a binder or journal for Christmas planning, I invite you to spend a minute thinking about what worked well for your preparations, traditions, budget, etc.  Also, think about what you'd leave out next year or do differently.  This doesn't have to be fancy; you can fold a piece of paper in half lengthwise and write in two columns.  Tuck this list in your planner and you've got a leg up on next year!

Stay tuned for some organizational posts/projects (it is January, after all!).  I'm gearing up for a busy Sale-a-Bration season, so be watching for information about that, too!

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