Sunday, June 30, 2013

See You on Bloglovin'!

Tomorrow (Monday) is the day they've been warning us about.  Google Reader will not be available... Fortunately, switching over is simple.  I've found Bloglovin' and I'm really happy with it (and wish I'd joined sooner).

Joining is easy:

I use my email instead of Facebook:

Once you've got an account set up, you simply go to the drop-down menu between the heart button and search window and choose "Import from Google Reader":

This will be your prompt:

Click on "Google Reader" and then you'll be prompted to "Import from Google Reader."

It'll take a few moments while Bloglovin' ticks away, importing your blogs...

You have the option of getting a little indicator when a blog that you follow updates...  Choose "now" or later.

It's that easy!  Bloglovin' is terrific.  Organize your blogs into collections (I have paper crafting ones I follow, of course, as well as cooking, decorating and lifestyle blogs).  Your blogs still appear in alphabetical order, but you can also view them per their "group."

Other features I love are that I receive a once-daily email of all of my favorite blogs' updates.  I choose the frequency with which that email comes (one can opt out).  Love it.  

There's also a Bloglovin' app!

Check it out and please follow me there (there's a button on the right, under the new catty to make it easy)!

I'll be posting this week about the latest things I've made with the My Paper Pumpkin kits I've received.  So fun!

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