Monday, October 15, 2012

{12 Weeks of Christmas}: Week 1 -- Mise en Place: Make a Date

Hello and welcome to a (LATE) first installment of my {12 Weeks of Christmas} series!  I'm switching from PC to Mac and I'm on a steep and troublesome learning curve lately.

As the busy holiday season approaches, I like to see what the dates look like.  For example, I like to check my kids' school schedule to see when their last day is.  I need to know for travel arrangements, if we're going to visit my mom in Colorado for Christmas and I also like to know so that anything Super Secret is taken care of before they're home during the day.  Finally, I like to give the kids' teachers their gifts before the last day of school (speaking from personal experience, they can have a lot to haul out to the car!).

I also look over the calendar to figure out when the last day is to send cards to Canada (I have family there and I hope my greetings arrive on-time) as well as when the deadlines are for mailing to military, out-of-state addresses, etc.

I order calendars for family gifts, so I need to see when the deadline for Christmas delivery is (I *refuse* to pay expedited shipping).

Got any parties on the books yet?  Will you need hostess gifts?

I know it might seem over-the-top when we're not even sure what Halloween costumes are going to be this year, but a little planning can go a super-long way.  Especially on the years when I'm travelling (or having guests come to me), I like to have things mapped out way in advance and tackle them early.

Bottom line:  I *LOVE* Christmas and I want to enjoy the season instead of wandering through it sleep-deprived, stressed out and cranky.

In the interest of honesty, this wisdom is not my own.  I was inspired by Marla Cilley, aka "The Flylady" (she fishes).  I discovered her right after my eldest was born and she's a marvel.  Here's a link to her Flylady Fabulousness.  Specifically, her Holiday Control Journal contains a page that inspired my list of dates.

Finally, after I check my dates, I make a list (on the computer so that I can use it year-to-year and just change the dates) in chronological order of when stuff needs to happen.  Phew!

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