Monday, October 17, 2011

{12 Weeks of Christmas}: Week 3 -- Mise en Place: Updating the Address List

Hello, and welcome to Week Three of my series, {12 Weeks of Christmas}!  Today's post is a quick one, but it's about something that I need to do early (before things go nuts).  I like to check the address list I used last year for any possible updates.  For example, a couple of friends have moved and I need their new addresses.  Better to fire off a quick email or Facebook message to these friends now, instead of realizing (with T-Minus two days until Christmas) that I don't have their addresses...

A word about my address list...  I use mailing labels for my envelopes.  With so many family and friends living out-of-state, we send a lot of Christmas cards (and we're old-fashioned -- we like to send them through the post, rather than over the Internet).  Labels help to free up precious time (and I can print them off super-early); I'd rather write a personal message in my cards than an address on the envie.  Anyhoo, my list is actually the labels document I've created in Word.  I just skim through it, double-check to make sure it's current and make necessary changes.  I also get a good count of how many cards we'll be sending (so that I can order supplies later -- that'll be its own post).

I'm not that organized, but this is something that helps me in lots of different ways.  Happy {Monday:  Mise en Place}!  I hope this was useful to you!

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