Friday, March 4, 2011

A Baby in the Midst...

Yes, there's a new baby in our midst, but it's not mine (let me start by saying that right now)... My dear niece will be born in May and we're having a shower to celebrate. That, among many house projects, have kept me from my Studio lately, so it is in March that I finally update the look of this poor, neglected blog (and free it of its snowflakes).

I loved the Baby Bundle set that I used to make this shower invitation and I am anxious to show you how I made the suspension portion (the circle that rotates with images on both sides found in the upper right-hand corner).

Be on the lookout, faithful readers, for a post about that invitation. I've also got a semi-free weekend, so I'm hoping to get to create a few things to post here. Take care and thank you for being so patient!

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