Tuesday, July 14, 2009

STILL not stamping...

I plan to put ink to paper later today (I hope)... I'm actually working on putting supplies together for a crop I'm attending at a friend's house on Friday. Our daughter, Anna, whom we adopted from Taiwan, will be two next month. In my Scrapbook Time, we're still in Taipei, picking her up! ;) Gotta get movin'!

Paige commented on my previous post and it got me to thinking...

Wow! You have a lot of sets. How do you organize your sets? Have fun playing when you are done cleaning and organizing.

Thanks, Paige! My plan, now that I've reduced the number of sets on my shelves is to keep retired and non-SU! sets separated from my current SU! sets. I'll alphabetize the sets on the shelves. I've also made a list of all of the sets I own in the hopes of better knowing what I have. Part of why I've got 100+ sets to sell is that I just didn't know what I had. Anyhoo, once they're alphabetized on the shelf (I've got just one big one, so they'll be packed two-deep), I'll make a list in a binder, so that I can tell what I have without having to dig.

Of my current SU! sets, I'm going to make a list alphabetized by set name, too. I'm also going to attach a colored dot to the case that signifies the type of stamp (floral vs. sentiment or Christmas, for example). There's an astounding organization system that I read about (I'll add the link when I find it) and I plan to hijack that. The sets themselves will be organized in order of their appearance in the current Idea Book and Catalog. I'm afraid that I've been a demo for so long now that I view stamps in order of where they'd be in there, anyway.

Things are a mess in the studio right now, but as soon as I'm not thoroughly ashamed of how it looks, I'll upload some pictures. My eight-year-old daughter suggests I post "Before" pictures that I can pair later with "After." No... The only way I'll post "Before" pics is if you can be easily distracted by the "After" ones. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Cheryl Walker said...

Wow you are getting rid of alot of sets!!! :) Do you have any cardstock or dp from su you would be interested in selling? Thank you !!! You can email me at cher2006@msn.com


paige said...

Thanks for answering my question in your post. I'll check in again to see if you have found the link for organization system you want to hijack!

Michelle said...

sara...i smiled when you mentioned your daughter turning 2 an still being behind on your scrapping from the time of her adoption

my daughter is also adopted...from south america.. and is now 15.. dare i tell you that I am THAT far behind with some scrapping? the truth is...my scrapping has fallen a bit by the wayside over the yrs..as my love of card making grows and grows
looking forward to your reunion with ink and paper...
ill check in to see what you create..

enjoy the friday crop!

Fleming Printing said...

I am sure that we will all be saying "wow" with your organizational skills and your collection once you do get them set up the way you want them anyway, so why not a before and after shot????

Patty Gorka said...

That's how I organize my stamp sets. I alphabetize them and I keep it logged on my computer. When I purchase a new set I just add it to the list and put it where it belongs in my craft room. I don't keep retired separate from current, but I'm not a demo and I think demos are the ones who have to keep track of that. Good luck with selling of your stamps!