Saturday, June 27, 2009

Techniques in Watercolor

This card was an exercise in frustration, for some reason. I love to watercolor, but for some reason, the mojo wasn't flowing for this card. After several tries, the best I could do with regard to the outline of the image is to stamp it in Craft ink and emboss it before watercoloring. My other attempts left me with smudged and blackened watercoloring.

Here's what I came up with... I love this set, which was new this spring, Spring-Summer Catalog (Spring Song).
To add to the fun, my neighbors have just observed me launch out the front door after watching my card fall off the second-story deck (I prefer the natural light, exc. at this hour, when it's getting dark). The punchline is that the sprinkler was on... Now *THAT'S* watercolor!
Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! I love Hummingbirds and have been eyeing this set for a while now! I'm definitely going to get it this year! I like the clean look of this card!

Fleming Printing said...

Hey, you made a lovely card and entertained the neighbors! What more can they ask for?